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There is a good variety of beaches on Kassandra peninsula. You could find beaches with organized beach bars or If you are looking for something different there are many remote beaches which are usually completely empty.







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Petralona cave is located about one kilometer from the village Petralona in Chalkidiki Macedonia. It is open to the public since 1979. The cave was discovered by the Mars Paulianos traces of habitation Archanthropinae approximately 700,000 years, estimated itself the oldest European ancestors have been found to date.





Located in the nearby village of Hanioti, Polichrono, 300m height and about 3 km from the main road. A freshwater lake with a total area of 2,200 sq.m., where they find resort refuge two rare turtle water already belonging to the families "Emydidae" "emys orbicularis" and "Mauremys caspica". It is worth to visit and admire the rare beauty of the lake.





A good opportunity to make a day trip to Thessaloniki (90KM) and discover the remarkable monuments of the city such as the White Tower, the Castle, the church of Agios Dimitrios and many other early Christian churches like the Church of God and Wisdom several museums including the Archaeological. Also you can visit the many shops and malls.





Mount Athos

A great choice to admire something different, through the local travel agencies , is the mini cruise to Mount Athos starting from Ouranoupolis port, the Third peninsula. In this way one can admire a spectacular sight and the opportunity for a unique experience, especially in women who are not allowed to visit the area. Mount Athos is a self-governed part of the Greek state. Located in Athos peninsula of Halkidiki and includes twenty monasteries and other monastic institution




  For the visitor who is looking for new experiences and long distances do not prevent it, can dare one-day visit to the world famous complex of Meteora rocks, which is built on top of   some rocks. It is currently the second most important monastic group in Greece, after Mount Athos. It is remarkable that these majestic rocks inspired the creators of the movie James Bond. Meteora they can visit and women



Also important monument that you can visit, and very famous because of the recent excavations and findings, is the area of Amphipolis and specific the hill Kasta and also like the archaeological museum in the region.



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